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Reduce Post Workout
Soreness by Over 70%

Feel the Benefits of a 60 Min Massage in 2 MIN

7x More Effective than Foam Rolling and Massage Balls

Break Up Knots in <30 Seconds

Vibration vs.

Vibration vs. Percussion

Happy Gun™ Gives your Patients a Deeper Treatment than 95% of Massage Guns

TRUE Deep Tissue Therapy Reaches the
2nd and 3rd layer of tissue (10-16mm amplitude)

Other Massagers Only Provide Vibration

Shallow Vibration Works for Myofascial Release, but is useless
for accessing Deep Tension and Knots (<10mm amplitude)

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💸**Practitioner Special**💸 

Buy 1 or 2, Get 30% off
Buy 3, Get 40% off

You will receive your order in 3-5 Business Days.

Your Client's New BFF, The Happy Gun™

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Help Your Clients Stop "Living With" Unnecessary Pain

The Single Best Investment They Can Make for Your Relief and Recovery

How Does The Happy Gun Compare?

✔️ Muscle Soreness + Pain
✔️ Muscle Spasms + Cramps
✔️ Herniated + Bulging Discs
✔️ Carpal + Ulner Tunnel
✔️ Sciatica + Pinched Nerves

✔️ Arthritis + Joint Pain
✔️ TMJ
✔️ Shin Splints
✔️ Fibromyalgia
✔️ Tendonitis
✔️ Bursitis

Percussion Therapy is a breakthrough solution for treating soft tissue pain, tension, soreness, and injuries.

Athletes and professionals have been harnessing this powerful treatment for years, and with advances in healthtech, it has finally become accessible for the average consumer!

Percussion Therapy accelerates the growth and repair of tissues by providing concentrated, fast, short-duration energy pulses deep into the tissues of the body.

This heavily increases blood flow to the area causing pain relief and an increased range of motion and function. It also provides a gentle stretch to the muscles and connective tissues improving responsiveness and performance.

How does it actually work?

Tension is the root cause of most musculoskeletal pain and can often develop into chronic conditions. 

The rapid pulses from the percussion device are the most effectively way to quickly release your tension (adhesions), repairing and elongating muscle/tissues while increasing heat and blood in the tissues to lead to faster relief and recovery by catalyzing your body's natural healing mechanisms.
The Happy Gun™ design serves as a tool which allows you harness the 2 physics principles of depth (amplitude) and speed (frequency) to speak in a language your body can understand.

By combining a 16 mm amplitude at scientifically-calibrated frequencies of 30-53 percussions per second, the Happy Gun™ provides the most effective healing and recovery experience over any other consumer device.

User Reviews

My name is Koda

To avoid major spinal surgery and a life of pain, I have spent 15 years trying everything.

I found the FASTEST pain relief with percussion therapy.

I went through multiple massage guns which all broke down on me.

And eventually partnered with a team to reverse-engineer 15 percussors to build The Happy Gun.™

I wanted it to be more 1. reliable, 2. powerful, 3. portable, and 4. affordable than the other options.

Finally it became a real product, and now YOU get to experience the same healing and relief that's changed my life!

The mission of the Happy Gun™ is:


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It's Time to Break Up...

Your Clients Tension and Knots.

Quick, Easy, Long-Lasting Relief and Relaxation