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Reduce Post Workout
Soreness by Over 70%

Feel the Benefits of a 60 Min Massage in 2 MIN

7x More Effective than Foam Rolling and Massage Balls

Break Up Knots in <30 Seconds

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Your Client's New Travel-Ready BFF, The Mighty Mini™

Mighty Mini™ Practitioner Tax Free Gun
Mighty Mini™ Practitioner Tax Free Gun
Mighty Mini™ Practitioner Tax Free Gun
Mighty Mini™ Practitioner Tax Free Gun
Mighty Mini™ Practitioner Tax Free Gun

Our all Metal Mighty Mini™ Percussion Massage Gun is finally here! You asked, and we delivered. A super powerful massage gun tiny enough to fit in your pocket or bag! 

• Rugged All-Metal Shell to endure all your adventures

• 2 lbs, Lightweight and Portable, easy to use

• Ultra-Compact Carry Case

• 4 Therapeutically-Calibrated Treatment Speeds

• 4 Attachments for each treatment style

• 3-4 Hours of Nonstop Battery

• USB-C type charging cable

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Help Your Clients Stop "Living With" Unnecessary Pain

The Single Best Investment They Can Make for their Relief and Full-Body Wellness

Give Your Clients Access to Top-Tier, Clinical-Grade Devices and our Proven, Neuroscience-Based Mobile App Training

Every Customer Receives FREE ACCESS to the Starter Modules within the Happy Back Training App ($1297 Value)

Modules Include:
-Practitioner Training
-Sciatica Savior
-Shoulder Release
-Neck Rehab

-Plantars Fasciitis Fix
-Shin Splints Fix
-Hip & Low Back Pain Training
-Full Body Stress Release
-TMJ and Tension Headache Fix

User Reviews

My name is Koda

To avoid major spinal surgery and a life of pain, I have spent 15 years trying everything.

I found the FASTEST pain relief with percussion therapy.

I went through multiple massage guns which all broke down on me.

And eventually partnered with a team to reverse-engineer 15 percussors to build The Happy Gun.™

I wanted it to be more 1. reliable, 2. powerful, 3. portable, and 4. affordable than the other options.

Finally it became a real product, and now YOU get to experience the same healing and relief that's changed my life!

The mission of the Happy Gun™ is:


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It's Time to Break Up...

Your Clients Tension and Knots.

Quick, Easy, Long-Lasting Relief and Relaxation